SHOWstudio’s 100 Women exhibition honour the centenary of women’s suffrage in Britain. The show celebrates women who challenge conventions of femininity, as well as their outfits that help them to feel confident. Efrosinya was one of 50 fashion illustrators chosen to depict 100 women as part this exhibition. Her muses were models Pelin and Anok Yai. She made two artworks made in watercolour, gouache and pencil on paper.

The exhibition 100 Women was on view until January 31, 2019, at SHOWstudio, 22D Ebury Street, Belgravia, London.

"It was important for me to convey my first impression. In the photo of Pelin everything is very simple but at the same time something inexplicable attracts attention. There's something in her eyes that you want to look at, some mystery. Her image is strong and soft and it seems so natural and easy. 
I have an association. When in the bustle of daily things you suddenly stop and begin to be present in the moment and feel everything that happened around in a new way. You see that the real beauty lies in the simplest things. Not beauty in the usual sense, but one that combines complexity and lightness , sadness and joy , strength and softness, struggle and humility. And you accept it because you understand how natural it is.

Efrosinya Anisenkova

"In the Anok’s photo I saw balance and confidence. It's like she sees everyone from the inside. She looks like a high-flying bird. There is a feeling that she holds all the space around, as if the air and she are entwined in one. And the next moment, you don't know if you're gonna be saved or if you're gonna be a trophy."

Efrosinya Anisenkova

Anok Yai Illustrated by Efrosinya Anisenkova for SHOWstudio '100 Women' exhibition

All pieces are for sale, with a percentage of each sale going to the charity Women for Women International.

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